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EASTPORT                                  MAINE!  

The Island City
Eastport represents          America at its most natural, most serene, and most inviting eastern point.  It is the port of beauty for all who visit Down East
The EASTPORT Fish Pier
The other islands and sights around are best viewed from EASTPORT.  

The Old Sow, this hemisphere's largest whirlpool, rounds its mighty course just offshore.
The nutrient-rich waters of these systems of bays create an ecological diversity which makes it one of North America's great natural resources!
Quote From Sailing The Big Flush

"We have found, in Eastport and the surrounding areas, groups of unique, abnormal people, gathered together in a beautiful place.  It is not a Bar Harbor; it is raw beauty"
   Another one  from The Flush

". . . the unique community of Eastport and this small island is one of the last untouched by the masses of Maine.  Route 190 off of Route 1 leads nowhere but to delightful little Eastport.  Eastport is home to several art galleries---showcasing many of the artists in the area.  There is a very active arts center which attracts talented actors, poets and musicians.  This eastern most city boasts several cozy little shops, unique architecture, and my personal favorite, the Peavy Library."
The sun touches this coast first in America 
as it rises over Campobello!
The Passamaquoddy
 village at Pleasant Point maintains a center for the 
preservation and enhancements of 
Native American culture and arts

David Moses Bridges 
Birch Bark Canoe Builder
Less than fifty thousand people live in this county --- a county larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined.  Many miles of coastline, dozens of inlets and coves,
and an immense 
woodland . . .   YOU MIGHT SAY
Check out Eastport

The eastern most city of the United States covers Moose Island.

The Island rests on the 45th Parallel--

Half way between 
the equator and the North Pole

And . . . 
       Is framed by the sea