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Who is Queen Quattro?
   From Dan MacNaughton's Introduction in Sailing the Big Flush . . .

“And where Doug is a musician, Eileen is a cook.  I'm not just saying she's a cook.  HEAR ME.  This woman is a God-damn cook.  Few who were there will forget the evening early on, (in Eileen and Doug's relationship) when a mixed crowd of general reprobates were slouching around Doug's kitchen table . . . when a giant pizza descended onto the table, bubbling hot and smelling exactly like a million dollars.  
Someone says,  “What's this?” and Eileen brightly sings, 
“Quattro Formaggio!”    
We made it one of her names.  I guess she's the only little red-headed woman in America who's called “Quattro.”
Eileen makes cooking look easy.  She strolls around the kitchen and carries on a conversation while she cuts a few things up.  There are occasional bursts of flame and steam, and then this magnificent meal appears, often feeding six or eight people.  Doug and Eileen are vegetarians, but this is not the vegetarian food I've had before.  It is of another order entirely, pungent, satisfying, profound. Meat seems wholly unnecessary.  I urge the reader to pay attention to what Eileen has to say about food in this book.  In this story she's producing superb meals, not just adequate ones, in a galley the size of a shower stall, and she's not even suffering (or at least, not all the time). 

From there the tradition continued, soon it grew into Queen Quattro!  Seldom does a woman get to be Queen anything unless you are Queen Latifah, so Eileen graciously accepted the title. 

                   Soyrizo Beans
      Easy, Easy, Easy  Did I say Easy?  

  • Small pressure cooker (about $30 and I can't live without it)
  • One bag of beans dried---pinto, black or kidney ($1.25) 
 *get a load of the nutritional value below
  • ½ Package of Soyrizo (I use Melissa's about $4 full package.  Soyrizo is a vegan version of Chorizo which has 60% less fat, no cholesterol, no preservatives and contains non GMO soybeans and seasonings.  
  • Water

Soak the beans over night in water in the pressure cooker (they say this reduces flatulence).  Drain in a colander.  Return beans to cooker cover with water about 2 inches above the level of beans.  Latch the lid.  Bring to boil.  When pressure lid begins to rock--lower heat to a very gentle rock.  I cook for about 15 minutes (this may vary to how you like the consistency of your beans and the type of beans you use.  Turn off heat, let pressure go completely down.  Open lid add half of the package of Soyrizo (it comes in a casement, I squeeze out half and usually freeze the rest for another great batch of beans.  Cook with lid unlatched for about 10-15 minutes--Voila` (or in Spanish “Ya esta' or Por fin!) and you have a ready-to-eat great pot of beans.   No choppy, choppy, no long list of ingredients (and you all know how I love long lists) and a short cooking time!  I love, love, love it!  Even someone Kitchen Challenged can do this one.  From here you can season as your palate desires.  But really, it is amazingly great tasting just as is.  Personally, coming from California, I grew up on salsa, so I like to turn up the heat!

These are my figures (always helpful for someone else to do the math for you) and I don't claim to be a nutritional expert, but I really get a kick out of getting a lot of  bang (and I don't mean flatulence) for my buck. 

A pot of soyrizo beans using Pinto Beans is approx. 16-1/2 cups / cost per serving $.20, so to spell it out for ya, you can feed a family of 8 a full cup each for $2.56
Per serving:  120 cal., 375 mg potassium, Fiber 6g, Protein 7g, and only 87mg sodium (I usually never add more), 0 cholesterol, 0 trans fat, .09g sat. fat.

Beans are about 75% insoluble fiber which they say reduces the risk of colon cancer the remaining 25% is soluble fiber which may reduce high blood cholesterol.  Beans (I think of them as my little friends) produce a moderate increase in blood glucose and insulin levels which may be helpful in metabolic control of diabetes.  The very large amount of potassium is great, it helps in a hypertensive diet. Check out (World's Healthiest Foods) for more.

Black Beans have ½ the calories and over twice the fiber and about 140mg more potassium than kidney and pinto beans!
Can't get enough of organic carrots--so sweet
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Mussels from Cobscook Bay
Radishes for lunch
SwisS chard one of our favorites
Benny fishin' for supper
Huge sunflower from the compost pile
Yummy brussel sprouts
Love those turnips--what color!
Can't beat a fresh Turnip crop
Squash flower
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Benny as Chef W
Help in the kitchen
Early morning gardening
Benny in the garden
Giant cabbage from our garden
Autumn Sedum and sprouting sprouts
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Harvesting grapes
Bumper crop of grapes
Storing fresh blueberries

Sprout sandwich

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